What is Beacon Lane?

Beacon Lane is a real estate platform for buyers and homeowners to connect before homes are listed.

Is Beacon Lane for selling privately?

No, Beacon Lane is simply a reverse of the standard real estate approach in that homeowners can connect with a buyer prior to listing. You could say it’s a way to sell quietly.

How do buyers and homeowners connect?

We’ve created a feature called the Buyer Card. This allows buyers to post what it is they’re looking for which is then delivered to all users in the buyer’s desired area. Homeowners review and connect with the buyers that best suit their property.

Is it free to register on Beacon Lane?

Yes! Beacon Lane is free for all users.

Who should use Beacon Lane?

Anybody who is looking to buy real estate in the near future, unlisted homeowners who would sell if a qualified buyer was on their doorstep, and anybody who wants to keep an eye on the real estate market.

Can buyers use their own agent?

Yes, simply indicate on your Buyer Card that you have an agent, and the amount of their fee to be included in the sale. Your agent will be contacted in the event of a match.

Can homeowners use their own agent?

Beacon Lane currently only authorizes the use of their partnering brokerage for the homeowner side of a trade resulting from a match set up on Beacon Lane.

Why would a homeowner use Beacon Lane rather than publicly listing?

Listing your home is such a big commitment, and requires significant vulnerability. Sometimes we forget how personal a space somebody’s home is to them. Publicity, signs, ads - Beacon Lane allows homeowners to avoid all of this.

Is Beacon Lane a brokerage?

No, Beacon Lane partners with brokerages to accommodate the real estate trade.

Who is the partnering brokerage?

Parachute Realty is the partnering brokerage in HRM, which is where Beacon Lane is currently available.

Can people who have already listed their home use Beacon Lane to connect with a buyer?

Beacon Lane is strictly for unlisted homeowners to connect with a buyer prior to listing. If your property is under contract with a brokerage you must not use Beacon Lane to connect with a buyer. But fear not, buyers are searching the public listing sites too and are sure to find your listing if it’s a good fit for them.

A perfect Beacon Lane scenario